I used to hate apples, so my mum put faces on them.

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This isn’t a regression, this is an evolution.

When we first meet Amy - as a child - she is already disillusioned. She thinks she has figured out people and she doesn’t really trust that the Doctor will return for her.

And the Doctor does not make it better by being 12 years late. There she is, talking about her Raggedy Doctor with no one believing her. He promised her he’d be back in five minutes and now he is just another person who didn’t keep their word. And even as she goes travelling with the Doctor she still doesn’t believe that he wouldn’t abandon her. She is so sure that he would just leave her there to die, even putting on a brave face.

And that has absolutely changed in series 6. Whatever happens to her, she is certain that Rory and the Doctor will come for her, they have her absolute trust. Her changed circumstances - in this timeline she never lost her parents - likely play a role in this. However, it seems probable that at least one of her reasons is realising that she can depend on them.

Now, that doesn’t mean that she is passively sitting back. She still saves the Doctor’s and Rory’s ass in The Curse of the Black Spot, she still saves River during Let’s Kill Hitler. She’s still awesome in episodes like The Wedding of River Song or Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. We get to observe just how much initiative she can take if her hopes are disappointed again in The Girl Who Waited - and we see that even now some of her fears and issues can still creep back in Asylum of the Daleks.

But overall, she has learned. She has learned to trust, she has learned that she matters to other people, she has learned that at least two of the most important people in her life - Rory and the Doctor - won’t abandon her.

And that is beautiful.

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Amy Pond. All alone. The Girl Who Didn’t Make Sense. How could I resist?
Amy Pond. All alone. The Girl Who Didn’t Make Sense. How could I resist?

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Moffat Appreciation Day Countdown

  November  11: Favourite Main Character

Could it really have ever been anyone other than the glorious beautiful woman that is Amelia Jessica Pond?

Amelia Pond is magnificent. She had issues. She had major trust and abandonment issues. Poor decision making skills, anxiety, depression and had at points in her life suicidal thoughts. But you know what? She grew. What started off as an un-predictable, bite-y, reckless young adult, grew into a beautiful, mature, maternal, reasoned woman.

Amy is fiercely passionate, wonderfully clever, and flawlessly clumsy. And yet above all the thing I most love about Amy is that she’s kind. The amount of terrible things Amy suffered would be enough to make anyone mad. But she takes that pain, her lack of a family, her suicidal thoughts, her abandonment issues, her baby being stolen, and turns them into a positive. In her pain she is able to make a damaged, lonely depressed man feel joy and feelings of self worth. She is able to recognize and sub-sequentially save the beauty and serenity of an outer-space whale. She is able to look past the unconventionally gorgeous looks of her husband, and see him for the glorious man he is. I concur, Amy Pond is magnificent. And I owe her, her story, her life, her personality, her jokes, her happiness, her compassion, my whole life. Because she saved it.

I owe everything to Miss Pond. To that little girl in the garden who waited a little too long. I loved her. I laughed with her, I cried with her. I miss her every day. She is everything I am, and everything that I want to be. And that is why she is my favorite.

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Jess (baskervillles) suggested that I draw Amy with anyone
so I drew Amy and a fishfinger with custard


Jess (baskervillles) suggested that I draw Amy with anyone

so I drew Amy and a fishfinger with custard